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Welcome to #GlobalTalk!

What is GlobalTalk?
GlobalTalk is the nickname we’ve given to the practice of using an ancient Apple Internet Router software package to bridge your local AppleTalk network (of vintage computers and printers) to the global network of the internet and other people’s vintage computers and printers.

This lets you and other GlobalTalk participants share files over AppleShare and print to each other's AppleTalk-enabled printers connected over LocalTalk/PhoneNet cables. However, this comes at a cost - this software is old and there are obvious security implications of playing with it and potentially exposing your IP address and network of devices to others.

Is it 100% safe and secure??
Actually, NO - probably not! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only way to participate in this is to share your IP address on a spreadsheet and open a port for your router to allow these connections.

You’ll also need a Google account so you can request access to the spreadsheet that contains the other networks to connect to. We can’t change this, it is what it is. Sorry!

Code of Conduct:
The rules and guidelines of GlobalTalk are those of #MARCHintosh, please be kind and not be a jerk to others. With that said, there’s no practical way to stop someone from wasting your printer’s ink and paper or from downloading your Guest AppleShare files. Well, unless you stop the sharing software or switch off your printer.

With that being said, please be well aware of the following before considering using GlobalTalk:

• People will know your IP address!
• People will have unfiltered access to a printer! (if you set one up)
• People will have unlimited access to your AppleShare folders! (if you set one up)
• You should ensure your home network is secure and have a firewall in use.
• You'll be given access to the spreadsheet as an editor. Be very mindful and careful NOT to paste over or delete others content. If you need help using Google Sheets, there is help online.

Usage Rules:
• Don't use SimpleText or TeachText to print documents, a nasty glitch can occur and freeze your system, while continuing to print multiple copies to a printer you selected
• Keep an anti-virus program on hand, like Disinfectant, to periodically scan your system. Protect yourself!
Only print one or two pages to a printer! It's nice to say hi, it's quite rude to waste ink and paper.
• If you spam others or cause trouble your access will be removed.
• Not a rule, but check back on the Google Spreadsheet or this page for periodic news and updates.

How to do I join? (Please read this section fully and VERY carefully)
• On a modern system, please fully fill out the signup form: GlobalTalk Signup Form.
• Your request will be reviewed, usually within 48 hours, but please be patient as this is a manual process. DO NOT request access multiple times, it makes things confusing!
• Once you've successfully signed up, additional information and instructions will be emailed to you.

NO technical support or set up of your GlobalTalk network can be provided!!


April 1, 2024 : New Signup Method!

The method to request access and sign up for GlobalTalk has changed! Please use the new Google Signup Form (linked above).
Approving requests is still a manual process, but hopefully this will make requesting access a little easier.

Please feel free to share this link with interested parties, and let's keep #GlobalTalk connected!
-Ron (RonsCompVids)

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