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What is MARCHintosh?
With the success of such events as DOScember and SEPTandy, why shouldn't the Macintosh retrocomputing community have their own month to share their passion for classic Macintosh computers?

And that's where you come in...

We're asking that content creators from all communities and platforms - even folks who don’t normally produce Macintosh retrocomputing content - work together to help spread the word about #MARCHintosh - a month-long event starting on Monday, March 1st 2021.

"Who can participate, and what media / content platforms are welcome?"
Anyone, anywhere! Since this is the first year for the event, we really need to do our best to cast the net as wide as possible to attract community engagement, so wherever you showcase your content is the perfect platform to get the word out. YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Podcasts / Twitch - are all welcome!

"What sort of content are you looking for?"
Since #MARCHintosh is all about Macintosh retrocomputing, we'd really like to see content focusing on the 68K/PowerPC era of classic Macintosh hardware. Got a great idea about showcasing all the changes in MacOS leading up to the release of OS9? I'd love to listen to that podcast! Have an idea about Apple’s official clone program and how to upgrade these machines to use modern storage solutions? Film it! Been meaning to create a blog post about Macintosh retrogaming in Classic mode under OSX, or do a reaction video of your kids playing Marathon on your restored Mac IIfx for the first time? That sounds exactly like the sort of content we're looking for!

"So how can I help?"
The easiest way to help is to share the hashtag #MARCHintosh in the weeks leading up to the kick-off. Then if you're able, commit to producing at least one video / photo diary / podcast episode (or whatever your speciality is) using the event's theme, artwork, and hashtag during the month of March - the earlier in the month the better to make sure we have a strong start.

"May I collaborate with other creators?"
Absolutely... The whole focus of this event is to bring visibility to the Macintosh retrocomputing community and what better way to do that than to make some new friends and share your passion for the topic with other people just excited as you are!

To summarize...

DO - Use the hashtag #MARCHintosh in the weeks leading up to the event start date. Tag social media posts and event content to spread the word.
DO - Use the official event artwork (Thank's Javier!) when possible.
DO - Focus on 68K/PPC Macs - Official Apple products and clone machines from the early days of MacOS all the way up to OS9 (and OS9 under OSX on 68K/PPC Macs)
DO - Create Upgrade and Repairs videos / Hardware Hack Blog Posts / Game Reviews / Productivity and General-use Software Reviews about classic Macs - are all welcome!
DO - Use the platforms you already use… YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Podcasts / Twitch - are all welcome!

DON'T - Focus on Intel / M1 / iOS. Got a Newton video about using it on classic Macs? Sure. But no "modern" Macs, please.
DON'T - Do direct advertising of one's own products / services. Promote your channel, promote the event, please do not produce commercial content using the event as a springboard.
DON'T - Produce adult or "unsavory" content in connection with the event. If we could keep videos as community friendly as possible, it would be most appreciated. Your PG-13 review of a classic Mac FPS game where you use language you'd hear on broadcast TV is likely fine.
DON'T - Forget to temper your use of Apple intellectual property, and do your best to stay out of trouble with their legal team.

Let’s Do This!
Again, we really appreciate your interest in joining us on this journey… and if we’re successful, we can make this a regular event.

Thank you,
Joe Strosnider - Joe’s Computer Museum
Ron McAdams - Ron’s Computer Videos

Have More Questions?
Reach out to Joe or Ron by one of the ways below:

Joe Strosnider
Email: joe@jcm-1.com
Twitter: @MuseumJoe

Ron McAdams
Email: rmcadams@semo.edu
Twitter: @ronscompvids

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Want to visit this page on an old Mac?
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